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Behavioral Health Services

To strengthen families, repair relationships and ensure both adults and children thrive, Greater Hope Foundation provides a full scope of Behavioral Health Services. Services address the trauma experienced by individuals, couples and families. The goal of the Program is to help clients increase coping skills, regulate emotions and stabilize unhealthy behaviors with evidence-based, trauma-informed treatments.

Our Behavioral Health Services are provided in four programs:

❤ Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services
In order to serve at-risk families and prevent children from entering the foster care system, Greater Hope provides an array of Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services. Program services are provided to individuals and families who are referred by the County of San Bernardino to receive 8 to 12 weeks of services including:

* Individual Counseling
* Family Counseling
* Couples' Counseling
* Parenting Education
* Anger Management
* Life Skills Classes

❤ A Peace of Mind Counseling Services
Greater Hope Foundation also offers private pay counseling services to individuals, families and couples. Services are provided at Greater Hope offices and are open to all.

❤ Foster Family Agency Mental Health Services
Working in conjunction with the Department of Behavioral Health, Greater Hope Foundation provides comprehensive mental health assessments, as well as individual, group and family therapeutic sessions. Therapists focus on deep rooted issues, trauma, coping skills and the emotional needs of the client. Play therapy is also provided to help children expresses themselves, even if they lack the verbal language skills to articulate their thoughts and feelings. Sessions occur in the child's home, school and the Greater Hope offices. To effectively strengthen, coach and educate clients, Greater Hope works with the child and family as whole, facilitating family meetings, behavior modifications and providing individualized, culturally-relevant services.

Behavioral Services: For children who have a higher level of need, Greater Hope Mental Health Specialists are assigned to specifically focus on a child's behavior. Services are provided with the foster parents and foster child together, in their home, to more effectively address behavioral challenges. Goals of Behavior Health Services are to improve anger management, functioning at school, communication and more. The Specialist reinforces with the parents the skills the child is learning from their Therapist and addresses behaviors as they happen. Behavioral Specialists provide steadfast support, ongoing education, ultimately reinforce the child's treatment plan.

Parent Partner: To provide mentorship, peer support and guidance in navigating the complex child welfare system, select Greater Hope foster parents are matched with a trained Parent Partner. Parent Partners are seasoned foster parents who meet with foster families in their homes to help alleviate communication challenges, behavioral issues as well as provide connections to community resources.

❤ Probation Services
Working in conjunction with San Bernardino County Probation Department, Greater Hope provides individual and group therapy with youth who have entered, or are at risk of entering the juvenile probation department. Services are provided to the youth individually, in a group and with their family.


For more information concerning our Behavioral Health Services, or to speak to one of our team members please call Greater Hope at 760-256-0432.