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Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Services

Greater Hope Foundation’s Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Services (CAPTS) component provides highly effective counseling to children, families and individuals, referred by Children and Family Services, in need. We meet the individual needs of each referral. Individuals considered for referral include, but are not limited to those who are suffering from the effects of abuse and neglect, emotional and behavioral difficulties, teens and teen mothers, children with school problems and those with multiple placement issues.

Through this program, Greater Hope Foundation has a successful track record of providing highly specialized, time-limited services in a cost effective manner while achieving excellent outcomes for children and their families through diligence and resilience. To that end, we:

❤        Educate and empower parents of children to effectively utilize therapeutic behavior management techniques;

❤        Build a culturally-sensitive network of resources for ongoing support of children & their families in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties; and

❤        Provide crisis intervention services as needed.

Our responsive staff offer timely intake appointments, often the same or next day.  Flexible morning, afternoon and evening appointments available.  We offer the following services from two convenient locations:

❤       Individualized Assessment & Treatment;

❤       Individual, Family & Couples Therapy;

❤       Case Management, Referrals & Linkage;

❤      Team Decision Making Meetings;

❤       Psycho-Education;

❤       Parenting Skills Program & Support;

❤       Life Skills Classes; and

❤       Anger Management.

For more information concerning our CAPTS Program, or to speak to one of our team members
please call Greater Hope Foundation at 760-256-0432.